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November 13, 2019
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The Nyabugogo Bus Terminus ,Thinking big arresting chaos while going totally green

In terms of preliminary designs, the Nyabugogo Bus Terminus (NBT) complex is being developed to have six major high storey property development components worth an estimated 66,000 Sq metres of space.

The bus station considered as hub of the project is meant to occupy over 20,500 Sq metre of space. It is designed to have three categories of transportation systems.


The first system is local bus system for Kigali city suburbs as a primary feeder to the hub.

The second is the bus rapid transit (BRT) as secondary feeder to the hub meant to cater for servicing the travelers to and from other secondary cities of Rwanda.

The third is the international bus system meant to cater for needs of foreign travelers to and from Rwanda.

To be designed above the bus station is the proposed parking lot occupying over 12,000 sq metres of space capable of handling over 480 vehicles of various categories.

A planned parking lot of this size is needed to cater for needs of traveling clients and those intending to visit other amenities associated with the facility.

hotel offices residential nyabugogo
Hotel ,officices ,Residential

The next component is the piazza meant to occupy over 12,000 Sq metres of space. It is to be designed as an open space where travelers and shoppers and other users of the facility can circulate, rest and enjoy its ambiance with shops all around.

The next component is a proposed 3 storey shopping mall meant to occupy over 24,000 Sq metre of space around the open plaza.

To give the transport hub a commercial affluence plans are underway to construct series of four towers rising above the complex to cater for various complementary needs of facility.

This includes plans to cater for office space, a budget hotel and residential housing units.


For instance, plans are being mooted to design on one tower an 8,000 sq metre office space capable of hosting over 220 offices. The second tower is meant to host an 8,000 sq metre budget hotel with approx. 160 rooms.

The fourth tower is designed as an 8,000 Sq metre residential unit capable of hosting approx. 100 families.

By constructing supporting infrastructure such as shops, offices, parking lots and residential units upwards in line with Kigali master plan, the NBT project seeks to free up space that has served to limit operations of the current bus park.

The freed up space is meant to give room for development of other public amenities such as better road networks and related public utilities.


The objective is to give the complex not only an ultra- modern touch but to enhance its efficiency levels.

That being the case, plans are underway to carry out construction of a series of modern road networks feeding into and through the facility by city authorities. This includes construction of modern flyovers and multi- lane freeways.

For instance, the Poid Lourd road is meant to be turned into a multi- lane high speed highway. The same applies to Byumba, Kimisagara and Giti Kinyoni roads that are set for upgrading and expansion.

The other major public utility under consideration are plans to design and construct a public park on both sides of the complex.


The proposed Nyabugogo public park is being pushed and supported by Kigali city authorities as one way of boosting outdoor ambiance of the bus terminus. It is meant to give the bus terminus high green credentials as the only transport facility in East and Central Africa to go green.

Its construction to be funded by public funds is meant to incorporate amenities such as a 3,000 seater amphitheater capable of hosting various forms of outdoor entertainment for city residents and travelers.

There are plans to set up a man made mini lake to be located where currently the Kobil petrol station is located. The lake is meant to complement the amphitheater by providing city residents and travelers with menus such as boat rowing and picnic sites.

THE PIAZZA open space

Kigali city authorities are finalizing plans to re-channel and divert river Mpazi that is known to be source of flooding the bus park.

When all the components of the project will be done at an estimated cost of US$200 million including the proposed public infrastructure projects there is no doubt to fact that the Nyabugogo Bus Terminus will give Kigali an ultramodern look.

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